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Treating Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders

On Both Children and Adults in DFW. 

Hearing & Tinnitus

Our expert hearing specialists are available to help you with solutions for hearing loss and tinnitus.

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Our caring staff is ready to help you take control of your hearing and ENT health with our extensive experience of over 25 years.

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Welcome to North Hills ENT

North Hills Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists is dedicated to providing comprehensive and surgical treatment of the ear, nose and throat for adults and children. Otolaryngologists are commonly referred to as ENT physicians. They can also be known as Head and Neck Surgeons, ENT Allergists, Facial Plastic Surgeons or Sinus Specialists.

Our ENT physician, three physician assistants, four audiologists and a staff of over 20 is here to provide your ENT healthcare. Our team has over 30 years experience in providing ENT patient care. We offer a wide range of services to meet your healthcare needs.

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ENT & Audiology Services

North Hills ENT specializes in treating Sinusitis, Swallowing Disorders, Voice Problems, Chronic Cough and Hoarseness, Ear Infections, Ear Pain, Allergies, Hearing Loss, Snoring and Sleep Apnea. Our in-office services include balloon sinuplasty to immediately relieve sinusitis, CT scans of the ears and sinuses, allergy testing and immunotherapy, swallowing and voice evaluations. We also offer complete state of the art hearing evaluations and hearing aid fitting with our Doctors of Audiology.



Do you experience ear pain or changes in your balance or hearing? We can help with many conditions associated with the ears such as pain, fluid, wax build-up, dizziness, and hearing loss.


Nose & Sinus

Do you have allergies or sinus issues? Our expert clinicians treat many conditions of the nose and sinuses including sinusitis, allergies, and even perform cosmetic procedures.



Do you suffer from recurrent sore throats or have problems swallowing? Our compassionate providers treat tonsillitis, voice & swallowing disorders, and mouth & throat diseases every day.



If you have trouble hearing the TV or avoid social situations due to difficulty following conversations, our caring Doctors of Audiology can help you with possible hearing loss, tinnitus, and central auditory processing disorders to name a few.


Head & Neck

Are you worried about a lump or pain in your neck or head? Our highly skilled providers treat thyroid disease, skin cancer, and offer Botox injections among other concerns with the Head & Neck.



Do you snore or wake up gasping for air? Contact us for an evaluation or to inquire about a sleep study to see how we can help.

Our Mission

Our practice is committed to delivering comprehensive, patient-centered evaluations and treatment for all ENT problems. “Our mission is to treat each patient with care and respect, while providing an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan that will improve the quality of life for our patients.”


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