Hearing Device Care and Maintenance

Hearing device care and maintenance is an ongoing process and can help to extend the life of a hearing device. We recommend you see your audiologist at least every six months for an extensive cleaning of the device(s) and to verify the function of the instrument(s).


  • Red is for the right ear
  • Blue is for the left ear

Everyday Care:

  • Always handle your hearing aid with care
  • Use your cleaning brush to clean the microphones and the cleaning cloth to wipe the outer surface of the hearing device(s)
  • Open the battery door(s) when not wearing hearing device(s)
    • To allow any moisture that may be inside the device to dry out
    • To help preserve the battery life
  • Keep your hearing device(s) in a case when you are not wearing them
  • Store your hearing aid in a safe place that is dry and cool

*Do not use baby wipes or alcohol wipes to clean the hearing devices

Monthly Care:

  • Typically change the wax guards every month or as recommended by your audiologist
  • If you have a dome on your hearing aid, change that once a month
  • You can ask your audiologist about the wax guards and domes if you are unsure 

Battery Maintenance:

  • Most hearing aids will give you an indication when its time to change the battery. Ask your audiologist if you are unsure of what the signal sounds like. The battery life will depend on the size battery that your device(s) uses
    • Size 10- approximately 5 - 7 days
    • Size 312- approximately 7 - 10 days
    • Size 13- approximately 7 - 10 days
    • Size 675- approximately 7 - 10 days
  • Mark your calendar using the sticker tab to track how long each battery is lasting

It is highly recommended that you avoid wearing your hearing aid…

  • In the shower
  • Swimming or other aquatic activities
  • When using a hair dryer, hair spray or other types of hair products
  • While getting a hair cut
  • During an MRI
  • When shooting guns (wear hearing protection instead)

Troubleshooting Guide




Hearing device is whistling or howling when you put it in your ear

Ear wax build up in your ear

Have your ears checked by your audiologist or PCP

Hearing device is not inserted properly

Remove and reinsert hearing device

No Sound

Battery is dead

Replace battery

Clogged sound outlet or wax filter

Clean sound outlet or change wax filter

Clogged microphone(s)

Clean the microphone with a brush

Distorted sound

Dirty or corroded battery contacts

Brush the battery contacts lightly and contact your audiologist to have them cleaned

Dirty of corroded battery

Clean battery surfaces with dry cloth or replace battery


*The hearing instrument itself must never be washed or immersed in water or other liquids.