Causes and Risk Factors for Hearing Loss

  • Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension (3x greater incidence)
  • Diabetes (2x greater incidence)
  • Obesity (2x greater incidence)
  • Smoker, past smoker, or exposed to secondhand smoke (2x greater incidence)
  • Dizziness – light-headedness, imbalance, or vertigo
  • Balance issues may co-exist with hearing loss
  • Irritability or socially withdrawn
  • Symptoms of depression
  • Usage of ototoxic medications – Salicylates (aspirin and NSAIDS), Aminoglycosides (Antibiotics), Loop Diuretics, and Antineoplastic Agents (Anti-Cancer Drugs)

Common Causes

  • Ear infections, trauma, or ear disease
  • Exposure to excessive loud noises
  • Damage to the ear and ear drum from contact with foreign objects
  • Illness and/or certain medications
  • Deteriorating hearing due to normal aging process
  • Heredity or genetics
  • Meningitis